I'm a veteran Language Arts educator co-teaching Humanities at a small public high school magnet employing a wall-to-wall project-based learning model (whew...a mouthful).

This blog's purpose is to:
  • share resources, experiences, & bewilderment
  • sort ideas, random thoughts, & all the I-wonders of teaching & learning
  • maintain paths of inquiry and a reflective stance around the ever-evolving art & craft of teaching
  • challenge my own thinking and raise questions
  • interact with the amazing network of educators who've unknowingly been my teachers the past couple of decades
  • make my teaching practice visible as a resource for public discourse and constructive feedback
Education topics I care most about:
  • Project-based learning I know its power and I want to build on that.
  • Collaboration; What works, what doesn't, & how tech can enhance and transform the potential for it.
  • Ed-tech & Web 2.0 = amplification of curative, creative, & collaborative processes.   
  • Language Arts & Humanities
  • Public ed trends & policy  Proudly-progressive
  • Pedagogical foundations Social constructivism
  • Science of learning Practical applications
  • ePortfolios  as platforms for self-directed learning 
Professionally, I...
  • have been teaching and mentoring for 15 years
  • have a B.A. in Communicative Arts and a M.A. in Secondary Ed.
  • am a work-aholic, hence the "EduNut" tag.
Personally, I'm...
  • a life-long learner attracted to broadening my own perceptions around humanity's "big ideas" 
  • an artist who, when affording myself time, dabbles in poetry, short story-writing, videography, clay mosaics, graphic art, cartooning, and songwriting
  • a singer with hearty pipes who loves classic rock & funk tune-age, but most of all, lives for riding harmonies
  • a member of an international social network of video-makers that creatively collaborate for the sake of fun and DIY entertainment <--has greatly informed my teaching with regard to the nature of creativity and collaboration!

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